Wooden Swings

Wooden Swings

For those who have children or just want to spend time comfortably at their summer residence or in a country house - we can offer you to buy a garden swing made of natural wood. This entertainment has been known for more than a dozen years and is becoming more relevant. You will have a lot of fun relaxing in the shady greenery of the garden with family or friends. In addition, that the garden swings made of wood look very beautiful due to their natural wood structure, they also create a unique cosiness and harmony in your garden. We can sun them in any shade you like, and also treat them with special American compounds in order to prevent them from damaging the woody organisms, and also protect them from negative environmental factors. At the same time, they remain environmentally friendly for you and your children, meet international quality standards and do not cause allergic reactions like the same colored plastic or metal. Enjoying the fresh air, you will not inhale the smell of plastic, which is now universally used. We produce garden swings of solid wood, so they are solid and reliable, and in contrast to their predecessors, which were a board, fixed on two ropes, our products are a hybrid of a comfortable sofa and the actual swing.

At us you can choose the most suitable variant from set of offers, and also order making of a swing from a tree on your own sketches or design achievements. Wooden swings of “Log House” are perfect for organizing children's leisure activities, as well as for a romantic evening with a big company. We can offer our customers models that are well designed and have passed a series of special tests - they withstand loads of up to 380 kilograms and have wide and soft seats designed for adults. Garden swings are recommended to be placed in the shade of trees, but if not, we offer an adjustable canopy that will create maximum comfort and will allow the products to be used in summer heat or autumn rain.

The wood from which we make the Wooden Swings passes high-quality antiseptic treatment and heat treatment; as a result we get a strong, environmentally friendly material that is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes and sunlight.

    The main properties used for the production of wooden swings material are:
wooden swings


- Reduced in comparison with the natural - humidity to 10-15%.

- Increased resistance to weathering.

- Reduced hygroscopicity, which prevents swelling of the wood;

 - Reduced weight of wood and the whole product.

-   Longevity increased by a special treatment is 15-20 times.


The main models of our wooden swing are presented in the catalog below. For questions about their current prices, discounts in effect, and bundling, please contact the phones listed in the section "Contacts".

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Wooden Swings