Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

 Traditionally, garden furniture for cottages includes tables, benches, chairs, swings, children's houses, dog houses, arbours, well houses, decorative barriers and much more. All these elements can have a diverse appearance and style, as well as being stationary - stationary, and mobile. Whether it's a small private or a huge medieval garden - it still needs proper design. Few people do not dream of creating a cozy corner in the garden, where there will be a wooden gazebo, a swing or a "green dining room" in the open air where you can listen to birds singing, having a meal, taking guests or just relaxing, admiring the surrounding splendor.  After making a decision to purchase garden furniture, you need to determine the place where it will be. As a rule, in order to increase its service life, it is recommended to place it near buildings under canopies - on terraces, in loggias or at least on paved sections of the garden.

As in ancient times, such valuable wood species as oak, maple, ash-tree and others are in fashion today. They are characterized by a long service life and a beautiful texture, which is highlighted by matte wax.

 The main characteristics of the wood we use include increased wear and moisture resistance, which, under the condition of finding the product under the roof and with sufficiently good ventilation, virtually guarantees unrestricted safety. After the treatment of wood using a unique technology, oily substances enter its pores, which prevent moisture absorption and swelling, as well as impart resistance to mold, rot, fungus and insects. We can guarantee the lowest coefficient of deformation, cracking and shrinkage of wood.

Antiseptic treatment of wood is carried out on a special, natural, unparalleled American technology, which ensures the penetration of active substances to a depth of up to 15 centimeters! Thanks to this, we can guarantee that in any period of operation and at any stage of wear, the garden furniture for the cottage can be upgraded to its original color and texture by special treatment of its outer covering.wooden arbours

The advantages of natural, wooden, garden furniture for cottages as compared to its plastic counterparts include its extraordinary reliability, strength and durability. Unlike plastics, which in the heat have an unpleasant smell and often burst, wooden furniture combines lightness, delicacy and stability. At the heart of our production are the old traditions of material harvesting - the forest is cut only in winter, which provides natural shrinkage of wood and protects it from the appearance of blue, insects and cracking.

When choosing garden furniture, also pay attention to its legs (be it a huge refectory table or a small chair) - they should have a wide enough basis not to fall into the ground and at the same time be light and neat - for ease of moving from place to place.

In the Ukrainian market there are many, both direct producers and suppliers, most of which, however, do not take into account all the necessary quality criteria. Given these factors, the conclusion suggests that garden furniture should be purchased from trusted producers.

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Garden Furniture