Wooden Bathhouses

Wooden Bathhouses

We build wooden Wooden Bathhouses from round logs with a diameter up to 300 mm, which is more than enough to create complete noise isolation, ensure reliability and warmth - the walls do not freeze at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. The lock in the corners of the bath is performed by a proven method - a Russian or Canadian bowl with a spike. Our company also deals with the construction of wooden saunas from profiled beams. We build log baths on standard or individual projects, with detailed plans of any complexity.

As the world practice shows, properly designed and built by Canadian technology, the log house is able, with due care, to be in excellent condition after 90 years. Moreover - if you look at the sites of real estate firms that sell such structures (more than 70 years) - you can see that the prices for them sometimes exceed several hundred thousand dollars.

As an example, you can take wooden houses in the villages of Western Ukraine - without any care, without a foundation, standing half in the earth they have already outlived the children of their builders.

Drawing up the project, the design of the future log house and the development of the estimate documentation are carried out by our experienced specialists, which allows forming the real price of future construction works in each specific case.

We can also offer the service of building wooden log bathhouses in short terms and in a limited space - with pre-assembly in another location. Our enterprise is characterized by a completely closed technological production cycle of wooden saunas and houses made of beam or round logs; it ultimately significantly reduces the prices for the client. When ordering a turnkey construction service, we install windows and doors, lay floors, beat lining and install furniture of our own production at much more humane prices than most competitors.

Bathhouses from logs are the most comfortable and environmentally safe buildings for people. In order to build a house, you need to use a forest whose age is more than 100 years. Considering the fact that the tree is a natural material and has certain humidity, after the construction is completed it is necessary to wait until its shrinkage is over (from two to five months with using winter forest). Only after that it is possible to mount doors and windows, to process walls with a primer, lacquer-colored, final or wax compositions.

The undoubted advantage of bathhouses from logs is that they have a unique internal structure - constant air exchange is carried out at the cellular level. Due to these properties, the walls of the baths breathe; it always maintains the optimal temperature balance and humidity.

Below are the introductory projects of baths that we can implement:

Latest Project

Project №1 - 149,6 m2.

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Arbor №1

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Project №9 - 260 m2.

Handcrafted Log Cabins

Project №9 - 283 m2.

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Wooden Bathhouses