Handcrafted Log Cabins

Handcrafted Log Cabins


Surely everyone knows that one of the first technologies for the construction of houses and other architectural structures was a wooden house-building. The reason for this is that wood as a building material has always been available to man. Long before the appearance of various machines and tools that are now used in woodworking, a man could bring down tree trunks and remove bark from them with an ax. Then such logs turned out into reliable and durable housing. In such homes lived more than one generation of the family. And the technology of manual felling has been passed to our days.

 And it's not surprising that, centuries later, wood as a building material is becoming increasingly popular again. More and more people are striving to ensure that their dwelling will be not only durable, but also environmentally friendly. In addition, handcrafted log cabins - wild log houses - have a unique character, and like any other manual work they are very much appreciated for their naturalness and aesthetics.

Custom log cabins - wooden cottage / hotel / bath / restaurant, which is built of debarked logs. All material for construction is selected manually - only logs of the first grade are used. Then, using special tools, the tree bark is removed. In this case, the upper protective layer of wood - cambium - is partially preserved, which allows the wood to conserve its natural properties much longer and to be resistant to fungal attack. This also contributes to uniform drying of the log and less cracking. But despite all the advantages of this method of construction, wild log-houses require additional protection. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality and correct protective means. An excellent option may be materials based on beeswax, oils that will protect the wood from various effects and will be able to emphasize its natural structure.

Custom Log CabinsThe diameter of logs for the construction of wild logs ranges from 20 cm to 60 cm. Such large dimensions of the log provide the building a high level of energy saving. Given the difference in the thickness of the log at the ends, the rows should be laid on the principle of "top-butt". This will avoid unevenness of walls. In the seams between the rows stackes insulation - it can be moss, flax and wool - in any case, natural materials.

In all other respects, the methods of construction are almost identical to other methods of building from wood.

As for the connection of logs in the corners, there are many varieties of "locks". But in practice more applicable are three main types:

- Russian bowl;

- Canadian bowl;

- Improved Canadian bowl with the spike connection.

Each of the methods of felling the bowl has its advantages - they reliably provide the rigidity of the entire structure, and also preserve the thermal insulation properties of the house made of wood. And the choice of the connection of the corners depends exclusively on the customer and the particular project.

Handcrafted custom log cabins are not only buildings made of natural material, which ensures ecological purity. These are also unique designs that conquer with their charm. And reaching today, we can confidently say that the technology of building wooden houses, including wild log houses, has achieved such high results that many wooden buildings are real works of art. Walls from large logs have a special appeal. And at the same time, their simplicity and naturalness give the log house a special coziness and attractiveness.

Our company has many years of experience in building wooden buildings using the "wild log" technology, and we are happy to offer you our services. The team of our masters is ready to execute the project of any complexity on orders of our clients. We will be able to realize your plans for the construction of a wild log house in the shortest possible time. You will become the owners of a unique and cozy handcrafted custom log house.


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Handcrafted Log Cabins