Pine beam for export. Roof rafters and ceiling beams.

Pine beam for export. Roof rafters and ceiling beams.

Pine beam is a sawn timber, which is a log, sawed from four sides, which in cross section has the form of a square or rectangle with a thickness of more than 100 mm (in accordance with GOST). You can buy a beam with any size - from small 50 * 100 mm to a beam with dimensions over 200 * 200 mm with length 4, 4.5, 6 meters.

Wooden beam is a widely distributed sawn timber, which is used for a variety of construction works. This is facilitated by the low price for the beam and the ability to buy beam almost everywhere. A lot of other lumber is made from a wooden beam, for example - profiled and glued beam, rafters for a roof. Wooden beam is also used to create large wooden elements - windows, doors and stairs.

A low price for wooden beams allows using this unique building material in the construction of cabins, saunas, bathhouses, arbors and even a variety of garden furniture. Here you can buy a beam of varying lengths - from 1 to 12-meters.

Any of our customers who bought rafters or timber, as well as numerous opinions of state expertise will tell you, that its most important property is heat resistance - and it is not much inferior to metal. This unique natural material has excellent thermal insulation properties, durability (provided it is properly processed), high resistance to cracking and shrinkage. The price for a bar specified in our price-list is applicable to the products made of coniferous species of wood. There is an opportunity to produce wooden beams from larch (oak, linden, etc.).

It should be noted that the beam of coniferous wood is impregnated with its own resins and has a natural protection against insects. As our more than 20-year-old practice shows, the edging beam made of pine is the most in demand, therefore, the price for timber from this raw material is presented below.


Prices for pine beam 



Dimensions of the beam


Price, USD/ m3

Width * Height (mm - millimeters)

Length (m)

Grade 1

50*100, 50*150, 100*100, 100*150, 150*150, 100*200, 60*120

4; 4,5; 6

from 145


Grade 2

50*100, 50*150, 100*100, 100*150, 150*150, 100*200, 60*120

4; 4,5; 6

from 135


Grade 3

50*100, 50*150, 100*100, 100*150, 150*150, 100*200, 60*120

4; 4,5; 6

from 125



Here you can buy pine beam and rafters, having high technical characteristics - it has the minimum number of knots, without blueness and with high straightness of wood fibers according to GOST 8684-86. This beam, thanks to the oils contained in it, is practically not afraid of moisture. Perhaps the most significant drawback is that it has a tendency to deform during the evaporation of moisture from within. This problem is solved by treating it with special compounds and artificial drying.

If you are interested in the price of a wooden beam, and you want to buy a beam, you should certainly check its quality - make sure that the surface of the timber is flat and not twisted and has no deep cracks. If it is a question of buying dried beam or rafters on the roof, then you have to check its humidity - it should not exceed 15%.

Our company is engaged in the production of ordinary, profiled and rounded beam. For information on the availability and cost of this sawn wood, see the relevant sections of the site, and ask us, by calling the numbers listed in the "Contacts" section.

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