Profiled Timber Houses

Profiled Timber Houses

Profiled beam is the perfect building material. It surpasses other building materials by heat insulating properties in several times. In addition, wood better counteracts mould and humidity, so Profiled Timber Houses remains especially durable, and serves several generations of owners. Wood is a material out of time, its environmental friendliness, noble texture and color, pleasant warmth will never go out of fashion. In the houses of profiled beams there is a special atmosphere. Wood is able to equalize the fluctuations in humidity and temperature, creating a unique and useful microclimate in the house. Wood breathes, thereby supporting optimal health moisture balance indoors. Your family will get better sleep and less sick. Especially useful will be living in a wooden house for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Also, living in a house of a beam beneficially affects on the human soul and body, contributing to a longer, healthy and prosperous life.

Among other things, the walls of the house made of profiled beams have an aesthetically attractive appearance, which does not need additional finishing.

The profiled beam is a popular building material that combines time-tested traditions and modern technologies. That’s why it is so popular and so widely used for the construction of residential buildings. If you want to give your home a modern style and attractive appearance, then this option is just for you.

 Timber HousesThe technology of building these Profiled Timber Houses has a lot of advantages. First, the exact shape of each beam makes it possible to build a house from the beam qualitatively and quickly, and also gives the structure an excellent appearance and high-quality thermal insulation. Also there is no need to additionally caulk the cottage out of a profiled bar or use a sealant after shrinkage. The walls of profiled beams do not require additional finishing; they have a flat surface and a beautiful view. The profile of the beam has such a form that the atmospheric precipitation does not have the ability to fall into the seams between the beams. The profile of the beam has a form that prevents atmospheric precipitation get into the seams between the beams. So the wood does not rot and retains its quality over the years.

Profiled beam has a low thermal conductivity, which allows you to warm the whole house in a very short time. The walls do not freeze so quickly, so the heat is stored in the house for a long time.

Installation of the building of a profiled beam is relatively quick, but still need a professional approach to business. Masters, who have good skills and experience in the construction of houses made of profiled beam, will make installation quickly and qualitatively. The Finnish beam profile has a special lock connection, which prevents deformation of the beam.

For a long life the house of the bar requires care. But at the same time, a properly planned cottage and using of high-quality protective means allows you to resort to care not often. Your wooden house will look good and aesthetic for many years, and will be able to serve more than one generation of owners.

Choosing exactly the construction technology from a profiled beam, you will remain contented with the quality of the material, the beauty and practicality of your new home. The pleasant aroma of the wood creates a positive atmosphere in the house; it will favorably influence the mood and well-being of all living in the house, as well as their guests. The house of profiled timber is durable in its qualities, and even after many years it will look stylish and elegant. 

The use of a beam for building is also very economical, because it almost doesn’t leave waste; construction is carried out quickly and reliably. And the material has a lot of advantages, which made the construction of country houses, cottages and bath houses so popular today in the whole world.

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Profiled Timber Houses