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Wooden loning

Modern wooden lining (lining) is a refined and environmentally friendly building material used for finishing, decorative coating of internal surfaces in the premises. But the origin of this unique molded product was completely different - originally wooden lining was used in railway transport in order to tightly close large areas in wagons - it was walled inside. Such a solution was both practical and cheap, because metal and synthetics at that time were very expensive. Later for these purposes steel sheets were used, and the natural tree turned into an elite upholstery material - the lining and parquet.

Today, thanks to modern methods of wood processing, the lining has also been used for facing the outside of the walls. It can be laid both horizontally and vertically. Wood paneling is a planed board of solid wood, which has the possibility of groove-groove connection. The lining is in most cases made from pine, although it is possible to make it from alder, linden, aspen, oak and even exotic, foreign varieties of wood. Pine lining is usually divided into varieties - the first and second. Prices for molding are usually indicated per square meter (1 m2).

Overcoming a long way from the railway cars to the latest inventions in the field of interior design - the wooden paneling has evolved from thick planks sloppy with a slotted groove into a thin layer of natural wood, simply and quickly joining and practically not leaving gaps - the lining.

 Prices for wooden lining:






Width, mm


Thickness, mm


Length, m


Price, USD / m2



Pine (solid)

70, 80, 100

12 to 16

2, 2,5, 3



Pine (glued)

70, 80, 100

12 to 16

2, 2,5, 3



The undoubted advantage of the lining is its longevity - it does not have time limits. Even after a complete overhaul, it is enough to grind and varnish it to re-see its pristine beauty. With the right treatment (oil or varnish), the wood paneling will be resistant to all kinds of dirt and easy to clean.

Since those distant times, which are described above, the wooden lining has evolved considerably - it has become possible for it to be joined without a lumen (thanks to a fundamentally new design of the stud and groove). Thanks to this method of joining, neither dust nor dirt will penetrate between the seams.

Our euro-lining from pine has a light yellow color and almost no knots. The structure of this wood creates an unobtrusive, geometrically correct pattern. At the request of the client, the wooden lining can be tinted with special impregnations or oils.

Pine lining is not only ecology, but also a special inner comfort and warmth inside your buildings. The presence in the interior of a natural tree creates a unique bioenergetics.

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