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Pine siding

Wooden siding (false beam) is a kind of finishing materials with a face made of a kind of rounded logs. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor work.

The price for wooden siding is fully justified, since it has the following advantages:

- made of environmentally friendly materials;

- has a long service life;

- Beautiful appearance;

- Easily mounted for minimal money;

- Reliably insulates any room, has no cracks, etc.

You can buy  wooden siding in many places, but it will be cheaper to buy it from direct producers (which we are), in which case there is no third-party wrapping and the total price of a blockhouse is reduced.

 Prices for wooden siding:






Width, mm


Thickness, mm


Length, m


Price, USD / m2


Block house



16 - 22

2, 2,5, 3


Block house



25 - 35



Pine siding is ideal for warming baths, saunas, verandas, summer houses, as well as for facing rooms in cottages and houses. Decorated with its help the premises acquire a special flavor, they have a cozy atmosphere, and in the air flies the scent of pine needles. For exterior facing of the building you can buy a blockhouse with a large section - 35 * 120 or 42 * 160 mm. And for the internal - we recommend using 20 * 80 or 20 * 100 mm. We usually make a blockhouse of coniferous wood (pine, spruce) as it is the best option for the price / quality ratio.

The use of a false beam gives an impression that the house is built from a real logs. But unlike the log, blockhouse does not lead because of high humidity and it does not give cracks. And the price of a blockhouse is lower than that of a real round log. Blockhouse has a front side of a cylindrical surface, made of logs, which is cut through a special scheme. The outer parts of the log are cut off and go to the production of the blockhouse, and the inner square is used for the beam or board. After that a groove and a spike on the side faces are cut out on the machine, and all the products are aligned and calibrated. After further processing, the blockhouse acquires a smooth surface, and is packaged for shipment. Here you can buy a blockhouse made from both coniferous and hardwood. However, it should be noted, that the blockhouse of pine has a number of advantages, because the resin in this wood creates a natural waterproofing, and as a result considerably extends the life of such products.

Wooden siding made of pine can be used both for interior decoration and for outdoor works - for facing facades of buildings, building gazebos and rest rooms. And do not be embarrassed by the price of the blockhouse - this natural material serves much better than its plastic counterparts. It is not afraid of mechanical influences and under the condition of coating with special oils does not change its color.

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