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profiled logs for wooden housescylindered logs for sale

Profiled log is the most affordable and practical material for the construction of bathhouses, arbors and log houses.

We are engaged not only in the construction of wooden houses, but also in the sale of sawn timber. Our company is not an intermediary, but a direct producer, so the price for round logs remains lower than that of competitors. In addition, many years of experience and professionalism of our employees guarantee high quality of all products.

You can buy profiled logs individually - in small batches, as well as for building contractors - through large deliveries, according to contracts. We are able to execute any orders in the shortest possible time.

Round logs made on our equipment are already completely ready for construction and meet all the requirements of state and international standards. The high precision of raw material processing ensures that the components of your log house are correctly joined to each other; provide good thermal insulation, external beauty of the structure and comfort.

Here you can buy a cylindered logs from softwood according to GOST 9463-88.

Table of sizes of logs depending on diameter


 Diameter of logs










Number of 6 m. logs in 1 m3


















M3 in one log









Lenght in one m3









The price for 1 m3 of logs - 135 USD for m3.

  The process of manufacturing logs in our company is divided into the following stages:

1) Stage of preparation - profiled logs are selected by diameter, their trimming is performed and knots are removed. The importance of this stage lies in the fact that it depends on it how accurately the log will be fixed on the machine, and as a result, what quality product will end up in the end.

2) Rounding stage - rounded logs is raised and fixed in the processing zone. After fixing, the carriage with the milling unit passes over a uniformly turning log and creates a perfectly flat cylindrical surface. At the customer's request, also at this stage, there is a cutting of the longitudinal grooves necessary in the construction process for more reliable grip of the logs.

3) Cutting stage - on the cylindered machine, in accordance with the requirements of the project documentation, the required length of logs is cut. After this operation, preliminary laser marking is performed and the bowls are cut out. After this stage round logs can be shipped to the customer.

profiled  for log homes

The price for profiled logs fully justifies itself. The numerous advantages of this building material include:

- Ecological cleanliness - the log house "breathes" and passes through its fibers clean air, enriching it with useful coniferous resins and oils.

- Strength and durability of log house with correct treatment confirmed by centuries of experience.

- Much lower cost compared to a brick analogue.

- The interior and exterior of wooden buildings is unique, endowed with a unique beauty and elegance.

The collective of our company constantly works on improvement of technologies and optimization of the basic production processes, therefore we offer our partners only the best.

We can offer our customers logs from 120 to 400 mm in diameter. Introduction of a number of innovations in the production process allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of rounded logs, without any loss in quality. You can order as a certain number of linear or cubic meters of logs, or you can buy round logs directly according to your project.

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