Commertial Property

Commertial Property

Log buildings - be it a house, a sauna or a country restaurant and a motel, for example - are becoming more and more popular in Ukraine primarily due to the unique properties of wood as a natural material.

Wooden cafes and hotels will perfectly serve its owner, both in the resort area - by the sea or lake, and near the city for all sorts of corporate events, holidays and weekends.

We are able to implement any log hotel, restaurant or another commertial wooden property - with multi-level rooms, bar area and game rooms. We can, for example, arrange the building with a corner, which will provide an elegant entrance group, from which there will be a separate entrance to the cafe hall, and for example, to the bar area, which will be separated from the main hall by refined rails from the cut log. At the request of the customer - to give a special look to the interior - the rafter system can be left open. Wooden cafes and hotels, as practice shows, look better when there is a multi-level roof and a tower in the corner part of the main block. Such an architectural solution visually underestimates the main hall to create a cozy atmosphere in it. At the same time, provided that large stained-glass windows are created, a lot of sunlight will penetrate the room. Domes, in turn, give an extra volume and guarantee a beautiful game of shadows indoors.

Choosing the projects of cafes or hotels, also pay attention to the possibility of organizing an additional exit from the main hall to the zone of the surrounding landscape for recreation.

Good are those cafe projects in which a kitchen and a barbecue area are provided in advance. A separate issue that needs to be carefully considered is the toilets for visitors and staff - they must be separated by at least one partition from the main hall.

Constructively correct will be wooden restaurants and motels with an inner courtyard - in which it will be possible to place tables for visitors in the summer, or to organize a dance floor. It is not superfluous in this case there will be a special canopy from the rain, as well as a zone of an external washbasin.

All these, as well as many other constructive moments, must be taken into account in advance - at the stage of designing the building - that is why it is important to turn to professionals.

The main advantages of buildings from wood:

-   Environmentally friendly and safe material at the base of the structure;

-   The ability of the structure to "breathe" and maintain the internal microclimate;

-   All logs pass a special treatment that is harmless to humans, which ensures their durability and strength;

-   Much less heat loss inside the building, and as a result - significant savings in the heating season;

-   The internal comfort and atmosphere of such buildings (see the gallery of interiors);

-   Significantly lower cost compared to the brick analogue.

We implement projects of cafes, hotels and other commercial buildings by individual order and can offer you:

-   Manual log buildings (Canadian and Russian bowls) from logs and beams;

-   Wooden log buildings of houses, cottages, baths, buildings for business of any size and complexity;

-   Internal and external finishing of house, cottage, bath, wooden restaurant or, for example, a hotel;

-   Services for the construction of a turnkey - from the foundation, houses and roofs - to interior decoration and installation of furniture of own production at low prices;

-   Services for individual design and 3D design, as well as the creation of a general estimate of construction (these services are free, subject to the order of construction from us);

-   Sale and creation of custom-made garden furniture, wooden arbors, holiday cottages, children's playgrounds, interior doors, windows and other carpentry.

Why choose us?

1.                     Our specialists correctly select the raw material during harvesting (winter wood with minimum moisture content), and the correct logs are selected at the production stage of the log house;

2.                     We use both ancient time-tested architecture methods and modern American wood processing technologies;

3.                     Great experience and high qualification of our designers and builders allows us to realize projects of any structural complexity;

4.                     We have a closed production cycle and can perform a full range of works - from the design of the building, to its "turn-key" finish.

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Commertial Property